how to enjoy.

Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià are something else. They are olives but not olives. Or maybe they are. All we know is that this is no conventional product. Keep your mind wide open to enjoy this new gastronomic experience. Drops are perfect as an appetiser, with a glass of vermouth and a snack. Try it with any dish where you would normally put an olive. Or where you wouldn’t. Either way, you are sure to be surprised when this round, solid thing explodes in your mouth with a powerful, intense taste.

serving ideas.

Can be used as an ingredient in dishes such as:

On its own, as an appetiser

Potato salad

A deconstructed guilda tapa

Tuna or meat tartare

In cocktails: maybe in a Dry or Dirty Martini

And in endless other appetiser and one-bite creations.